Nothing left unsaid, 2013

Nothing Left Unsaid is an installation that comprises eight bespoke hardcover books and lecterns. The series is part of a larger body of work that explores the ethics, politics and psychology of personal relationships, especially as they apply to a severe disruption to my marriage and subsequent separation from my wife. This is one of several works created as part of my Master of Fine Arts program.

The books contain themes of loss, memory, time and love, which recur in my work. The books were created with my wife Andrea’s consent. The intention was to identify how we both participated in the lead-up to our separation. In other words, taking responsibility for the roles we both played.

Each book purports to be the authority on its given topic. Each book is locked because although it is based on a personal story it is not necessary to know the details to recognize the universality of the topic at hand. Furthermore, the lock is a subversion of what we understand a book to be: an object that is meant to be handled, opened and explored in order to learn something. So it makes it possible for the viewer to ‘get’ the narrative at a glance.