Tomorrow is another day, 2011

This idea took shape as my son Roman grew distant in adolescence and I was unable to manage the change.

The series Tomorrow is Another Day comprises a five-hour performance-for-video with a 45-minute cut-down and a four-piece, life-size, photographic suite. During the performance, Roman used my skin as a canvas on which to inscribe his thoughts about our relationship, transforming the fleshy body into a body of knowledge. The ink which fades from the body over four days describes the way our relationship takes on different expressions from one day to another, and reminds us that conflict is often temporary.

This is a work about loss, memory, time, and love. About catharsis, connection, and the potential for transformation.


Gallery Barry Keldoulis GBK Award – COFA Honours
John Fries Prize 2012 – Finalist
Process Emergent – Curated group show at ATVP